My name is Zuzana and I am also an artist. I have been drawing and painting since my youth and inventing all kinds of thinks I can make with my hands. When I was 26 I entered the Academy of Fine Art in Amsterdam. Apart from realistic Art, my latest passion is to paint mandala's. 

As a lover of nature I have been always interested in philosophy, herbs, astrology, yoga and as a vegetarian about proper diet. Since I got to know the Science of Ayurveda I knew that this is my path in life because it offers all these important aspects. For the education of Ayurveda I have been following several schools, workshops and massage courses in different countries. I got to know interesting and wonderful teachers. Massage is an important part of Ayurvedic Science. 

I was always fascinated about how different the techniques are of Ayurvedic massage with special oils. Ayurvedic massage is for me an art, where touch plays an important part.