Complete body massage      Back massage         Feet massage        Head massage            Face massage              

Complete body massage includes back, arms, hands, belly, legs, feet and face.

Back massage:

Massage of the back reduces stiffness of the muscles as well as stress. It gives feeling of relaxation. It is very helpful to improve blood-circulation to back muscles and skin.

Arm and hand massage:

Massage of the hands and arms has a positive effect on the joints. It improves blood-circulation and has a direct effect on central nervous-system.

Belly massage:

The belly massage activates and supports digestion. It stimulates the blood circulation of the organs, reduces stress and provides relaxation.

Leg and foot massage:

Massage of the feet is one of the most important techniques. The nervous system in the whole body is connected with the feet. It is believed there are some specific points on the feet that corresponds to different organs in the body. Therefore massage of the feet improves vision of the eyes, it has a positive effect on the hearing-system. It stimulates blood-circulation of the feet and it prevents varicose veins. It is very effective for any psychological problem like stress, tension and insomnia. 

Head massage:

Massage of the head has a positive effect on body and mind. It helps against tiredness, emotional stress, tension, depression, and anxiety. It evokes calmness of the mind, relieves headache, supports function of nervous-system, strengthens immune system, improves concentration, improves sleep and the quality of the hair. This massage is possible with or without oil, but massage with oil is more effective.

Face massage:

Massage of the face relieves tension and it has a nourishing effect on the skin. The skin will be more bright, elastic and healthy.